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Product name:Servo electric batch automatic locking screw machine

Usages: Electronic parts assembling, PCB board positioning, enclosure screw tightening, small household appliance assembling, toy and audio equipment assembling.  Applications: Household appliances, electronic products, instruments, toys, power supply, furniture, LED, communication, computer keyboard, etc.

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1. It adopts servo electric batch, the response speed is fast and the torque is stable, the precision is high, and the service life is 3-5 times of the ordinary electric batch.

2. The Y-axis adopts dual-track pick-and-place products and lock screws at the same time, and the single electric batch realizes the maximum efficiency;

3, take the screw method is suction type / blowing type / dropping type, etc., suitable for M0.8-M4 size screws;

4, good versatility, support 100 screws, 15 models of data storage;

5, with automatic detection of leak lock \ sliding teeth \ no material can not get the screw and other functions;

6, universal tooling, switching products is convenient and fast, 15 minutes is possible;

7. Reduce the labor intensity of workers' production operations;


Electronic component assembly, PCB board fixing, housing screw lock, small appliances, toys, audio, etc.


Small and small household appliances, electronic products, instrumentation, toy assembly, furniture, LED products, communication products, etc.

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